francesca kahny




“My style is very weird and is always changing. I kinda just do my own thing. If there’s something I like, I’ll just wear it or buy it no matter the style.


I bought these shoes at Nine West. They were on sale and I thought they were cute. I would describe them as unique, pretty comfy, and they go with basically everything. However, they can be a hazard because they are platforms. Recently I rolled my ankle walking down a hill and fell. That explains this ankle brace… I learned from that to be more careful and look where I’m walking, haha.

An important part of my life is my travels. I have been to France, Italy, Canada, England and more. In the country, I have been to Vermont, Philadelphia, Florida, Colorado, and more. My favorite place in the world, though, is in New York. I have been to New York City and although I did love it, the best part of New York is my summer camp, Camp Chateaugay. It is a month long sleep away camp with tons of fun activities, new people, and good food too! During this month, the campers surround themselves with each other completely without technology. What I’m about to share might seem pretty simple and maybe a little cheesy, but the months I spend there with nothing but the outdoors and my friends change my perspective of life back here in Santa Barbara. I have learned to really appreciate people for who they are, and I remind myself that there is so much more to life than what we see on our phone screens. I think it’s super important to embrace nature and each other.”

MY NOTES: I have known Francesca since I was 6 years old, and she still carries the same positive spirit that she did when I met her 9 years ago. as far as her fashion, her style has developed recently into something I also admire, such as these overalls and pink shirt in the photos here.  I am inspired by her travels and the wisdom that she shares from being in so many places around the world. she is very independent but still has a lot of care and concern for others. I love hearing her stories about Camp Chateaugay, it makes me want to go! walking in her shoes has reminded me why I consider her such a close friend and would never leave her side.

have any of you been to a fun sleep away summer camp? comment your favorite place you have traveled to! who should I interview next week?

the end.



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