jacquie silvern


“My favorite ways to spend time are going out to take pictures and dancing. Going out and taking pictures gives me a creative outlet; going around my neighborhood and finding things to photograph lets me be creative and try new stuff. I try to go out every weekend for maybe an hour to an hour and a half. I have been interested in photography for about 3 years. Dance, like photography, is another creative outlet. I’ve been involved with dance for about 11 years and it’s great exercise.


These shoes are black Converse Jack Purcell. I’ve had them for about a year. I like how they are different from regular converse, just like I am different from other people. I also like how they look on my feet, haha. A favorite memory I’ve had while wearing these shoes was running through a meadow and having a picnic at Figueroa Mountain, taking pictures off all the flowers and the grass. I always wear them when I go out taking pictures, they are my adventure shoes.


Traveling around the world has really impacted how I look at the world and different cultures. Going to new places changed how I felt about people and other cultures and being able to experience this has really impacted me. Some of the places I have been are France, England, Greece, Italy and Switzerland. My favorite was Greece because the people there were so nice and so welcoming of tourists and outsiders. The food and culture there is so diverse and amazing. Its whole atmosphere is just so different (than Santa Barbara), people in Europe are so laid back and chill. They eat late and stay up late. When you’re there, nothing feels wrong. Everything is just so relaxed.”

MY NOTES: I would describe Jacquie as a little fireball. She is small in size but has the biggest heart, smile, and personality, in the best way. She has a great sense of humor and can make anyone smile. I love being around her contagious laugh and funny stories. Her adventurous spirit is inspiring and she is always looking for a new fun experience. She has been to some pretty cool places and I think that gives her a sense of wisdom and empathy that I admire.

have you been on any fun adventures recently? comment!

the end.



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