sophia vraciu


“I’d say I’m an excitable and fun loving person who can be quite oblivious at times. I’m very extroverted and love my friends and family.


I bought these shoes initially as part of an outfit for a glow in the dark disco party. I wore them, and then they kind of sat there in my closet for a couple of months, until the summer, when I was traveling to Spain. I wore them everyday I was on that trip, and then the rest of the summer, and never really stopped. I realized that they were easily my most comfortable pair of shoes and I think they’re so cute and effortless and pair well with everything. I think that they can symbolize me as a person because, again, they’re so comfortable and functional, yet fashionable- I’m all about that! The fact that they’re white and minimalistic also conveys me because I’m very down to earth, concise, and simple. Because I’ve taken these shoes across the country and globe, I think of them being so special. It’s almost spiritual thinking about how many steps I’ve taken and how many places they’ve been. Also, I’ve been in several car accidents and fender benders wearing these shoes! They must have some bad juju but I love them regardless!


An event that drastically changed my life and its perspective was when I lost my mom to cancer. I was 12 and was her mini-me and we did everything together. Having to watch her go from her gorgeously, glamorously, womanly self to a weak, tired, and unrecognizable being was devastating. But it taught me that life is precious, and that everybody is vulnerable and not immune to mortality. This was when I truly started recognizing the ballet studio as a place to let go and channel pain.


I’ve been dancing since I was 2 and 1/2, and ballet has been a constant in my life. The studio is like a second home for me, and has always been a great escape haven; with friends and family encompassing much of the people there, it’s particularly why I love it so much. I also participate in mock trial and love everything that it teaches me on a broad spectrum.”



MY NOTES: Sophia is the kind of friend that wakes you up. She has the most upbeat and sometimes a little bit crazy personality. For someone who has been through something as tough as the loss of a family member, she is still so caring and always positive, and I commend her immensely for that. I don’t think I have ever met such an energetic person. Still, she is super disciplined and extremely smart. Her vocabulary is very advanced and she always uses big words that I don’t understand. At 17, she is a mature girl, but still has a youthful sense of humor and makes me laugh all the time. We look somewhat similar, so we’ve been told, and a lot of people believe us when we tell them that we’re cousins! But, I think of her even more as my prettier older sister. I look up to her as a fellow student, dancer, and friend. I also appreciate her sense of fashion and love her shoes! I think her backstory on her shoes is awesome.


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