sofia chicote

“I would say I am confident, self striving, and I try to be a non-judgmental person.

My favorite activites are dancing and singing. Sometimes I enjoy being alone, but I also enjoy hanging out with all of my friends, doing fun things together, exploring, and having a good time.

I bought these shoes because I needed to return another pair. Honestly, I was having a rough day so I bought some new ones. I like them because they are platforms which I have never had before. They help me stand up straight, which makes me feel more poised in a way. Along with making me look taller, I also like that they make my feet look smaller. I just really love them. I’ve worn them everyday for the past 3 weeks, experiencing the everyday challenges of life. They are my new favorite shoes!

Recently, I have had some trust issues. I was not told the truth by a couple people, and I felt screwed over in a way. Weirdly enough, it made my confidence go up because I feel that I was not in the wrong in any way. I found a way to look at it where I know that I tried the best I could while other people might have not. I have realized being my own self is the best way to go and I shouldn’t let other people treat me the way they have been.

I like the vanilla In-N-Out milkshake. It was pretty good. I would give it, maybe like, a 7 out of 10? It wasn’t bad, but it just lacked something. I couldn’t really sip it since it was so thick, ya know? But it still tasted good.”

MY NOTES: Sofia has an amazing sense of self awareness, she knows exactly who she is and what her priorities are. She has great judgment but is never one to assume without evidence. What I like most about her is her drive and dedication to the things that are most important to her. This includes her attitude towards her friends, she is so caring and would help any of her friends if need be in a heartbeat. Her dancing and singing abilities are incredible, she is very talented and I love watching her perform. I admire that no matter what problems she might bump in to, she always bounces back stronger because she has a great sense self confidence, without being self centered. She is a friend and role model to all!

what are some healthy ways to gain confidence? who should I interview next week?

the end.



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