emily hillebrandt

“I don’t know how to describe myself.

One of my favorite spots in SB is Lizard’s Mouth at sunset. I like it because you can see all of Santa Barbara and all of the other fun places there are to go. It’s also really peaceful when there aren’t too many other people around. You can see the ocean too. It’s best going with family or friends. One of my favorite places ever is the beach, especially Del Mar Beach in San Diego. I grew up going there until I moved here.

One of my favorite things to do is be with friends… that’s kinda like a classic answer, but true. I love  just having a good time and laughing with people or just hanging out. I like adventuring and hiking and stuff when it’s not too hot out. To relax I like to stay at home and watch TV and eat food, just like a lot of people. I’m also at dance like 24/7 as you know, haha.

This year, I got a really cool opportunity to be part of the 10-10-10 program that is connected with the Santa Barbara Film Festival. As part of the competition I became a finalist, and then through a series of meetings with mentors, people from the industry, as well as collaboration with a student director, I was able to write a screenplay for a 10 minute film. This experience really opened my eyes to a ton of careers that a person can have in the filming industry, and made me consider some type of creative writing for college or a job/career afterwards.”

emily’s grey converse

MY NOTES: Emily is a very smart and sweet girl. She is always kind to everyone and is very humble about being good at a lot of things, including dancing, writing, and singing. Before I became friends with Emily, I thought she was just really quiet, but I soon learned that she is super fun and radiates positivity all the time. She is always laughing. I am super inspired by her experience with 10-10-10! I saw the short film she wrote for and the script was amazing.

have you ever been involved in a local competition like 10-10-10? comment!

the end.



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