sean babcock

“I’d describe myself as class, beast, and chill. Class meaning that I’m nice and funny and entertaining to be with. Beast meaning that I try to be good at what I do, whether it’s schoolwork or sports or just random tasks. Chill because I’m pretty easygoing and go with the flow. My favorite hobbies and activities are playing rugby, hanging out with people I live with at school on my floor (UCLA), and eating. My favorite foods are pancakes, chicken, and cereal.

Spring break is going really well. I went with my family to, first, Sedona, did some hiking and mountain biking there. Then to the Grand Canyon, for some more hiking and great views. And finally, spicing it up in Las Vegas. My favorite part of the trip so far has been the Grand Canyon- specifically the plateau I hiked to toward the bottom of the canyon. I enjoyed this place because it took hours to get to and was so rewarding once we were there. It really showed a better perspective of the Canyon, how big it is. From the top of the Canyon, it’s hard to tell its full size. But when you’re at the bottom, in the middle of it, you realize how enormous and crazy the whole thing is. One summer I went to CADA leadership camp. One speaker Scott Backovitch, inspired me to take action in changing my schools environment through leadership- more specifically through ASB. This made me want to reach out to all kids in the school and try to make it a more welcoming and fun place. My experience as ASB president of SBHS was really enjoyable and rewarding. I had to do countless hours of work, but I loved establishing relationships with a lot of staff members and students and creating new events and ways for people to get involved and have a good time at school. That definitely helped to make my high school experience meaningful.

My sock collection is pretty extravagant. It ranges from superheroes, to what does the fox say, to beast athletic socks. My super man socks are some of my favorites because they are comfortable like an athletic sock, but are also very gourmet in design, with one of my favorite superheroes. These shoes are probably my 5th pair of Nike Frees. I got them blue this time because they’re my school colors, but it’s about time for a new pair.”
MY NOTES: I have the best brother ever. It makes me sad not having him around anymore with him at college, so I really enjoy times like spring break when I have him in my company again. He is truly unique in his way of being… he’s pretty weird, but that’s what makes him so funny. He can make anyone laugh and knows how to pull people out of bad moods. He is a role model sibling for me, and the reason I joined ASB. His successes in school, sports, and all other categories project a bright future for him.

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