francesca encell

I would consider myself a very happy person. I always am optimistic in any situation. I love being around people and find myself a social person.

My favorite sport is cheer. I love being interactive with my school and its athletic program. It is so fun to show school spirit and cheer on the other athletes. I love being involved with an amazing group of cheerleaders that I bonded with and now call friends!


My friend Ava Burford has lately impacted my life because she is a great role model. She is always optimistic no matter what happens. She is very funny and always there for me, I can always rely on her to give great advice. She is a great captain in cheer and a great friend.

I’ve had jack Purcells since last year. I really like them because they are so comfy and cute! They go with everything also.

Love love love that fried rice! It’s from Something’s Fishy. It’s so good and the perfect snack. I have it couple times a week. On a scale of 1-10, it is a 10/10!
MY NOTES: Francesca is the friend who I have known the longest, since I was about 4 or 5. We share so many memories together, such as trips to Paso Robles and Catalina, multiple beach adventures, and all the times we had fun just hanging out. Franny is super bubbly and sweet. We have the same sense of humor and like almost all the same things. Because she is a year younger than me, I don’t see her as much anymore as I would like to! I enjoyed doing this interview with her because it reminded me exactly why we are so close and I realized how much I miss her.


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