charley meister

I’d describe myself as a happy individual that likes to impact people’s lives positively. I’m a fun person to be around because I don’t like to be boring. I like to express my weirdness through humor. I like to go to the beach, hang out with friends, play soccer, be with my family, and be in nature, and travel.

I like the beach because it makes me feel relaxed. I’ll go there when I’m stressed out to clear my thoughts. It’s really soothing and when I’m there it helps me forget about bad things that happen. I go to the beach at least twice a week, and pretty much every weekend in the afternoons. It reminds me of being at home, without any little annoyances like siblings. The beach keeps me focused and on track. I like to take Willa, my dog, to the beach too. She’ll get oversized sticks and run up and down the beach with them, taking out random peoples’ legs with the stick. She also likes to chase seagulls.

My mom inspires me because She is fun and nice to everybody, but she can be weird too. She taught me how to be myself and not care what others think of me. She also taught me that I can influence others by doing the right thing.

My shoes are sparkly gel flip flops, but I like to call them “mandals,” because they look like man sandals. They are really comfortable, from Urban Outfitters, and I got them recently. I got them as a surprise gift when I came home from the MAD retreat. I was talking to my friends about how I really wanted them during the retreat, and when I got home, my mom said she had a surprise for me. She took them out of the Urban Outfitters bag and my sister and I were so excited. Everybody says they look like the shoes from ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,’ because they are the same glittery color. I wear them with long leggings or with jeans. They are really, so I don’t like to wear them to school because they make me sound like a horse when I walk. They clomp down the hallways and I get a lot of stares. My mom and dad think they are ugly. My sister has the same pair. I inspired 3 other people to get them! They are available in pink and silver also.

I love peanut butter. I love peanut butter on toast, and bananas. Reese’s peanut butter cups are good too, and peanut butter jelly sandwiches are the bomb. It is my favorite spread. I like Jif because Skippy sucks.


MY NOTES: Charley is the kindest and most optimistic person I have ever met. She never says anything rude or negative. If I need a friend to cheer me up, she’s my go to. Like her shoes, Charley is super sparkly and fun. Recently, she got her license, so now we are going on many adventures in her car! I admire Charley for her independence and responsibility. I also really love her style! She can pull off anything including those awesome mandals.


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