alex price, aka “pricey”

*** read this interview in a British accent

“I would describe myself as mean, lean, and clean. I’m mean because I’m a tough guy. Lean because I don’t eat McDougs. And clean because I shower everyday.

I was born in London and lived there until I was 8, and then moved to the Isle of Man, and then moved back to London for college at 18. Currently I am at UCLA and it’s really good. My roommates are awful. I requested a switch like 20 times (just kidding). My major is geography, mostly physical.
These shoes are Sperry topsiders. I bought them from a shoe store called “Schuh.” They were £85 and the woman who sold me them was called Linda. Linda was 47, married, had blonde hair, that had detiorated to a slightly amber color. She was too old to be working in a shoe store. Anyway, I was torn between these shoes and a pair of converse. But Linda convinced me, that in California, Sperrys were the right choice. I haven’t looked back.
An experience that has impacted me was when I met Sean Babcock. When we first arrived at UCLA, we played cricket with tide pods that were white down the hallway of D8, our floor. That experience guided me to chase my dreams. Sean took me to goodwill, we bought some class t-shirts. We bought matching US navy shirts, Michigan state university shirts, he bought kookasaurus rex, and I bought a San Diego beer festival shirt, despite being 20 at the time. Since I was 4, I’ve been 21 at heart.
I don’t actually like wine that much. Actually I do. I like beer. Cold, Stella Artois. Or Kronenbourg 1666. I don’t like steege.
I am a single pringle and ready to mingle. In America I am intending on staying single. Back home, maybe not. Girls are better looking in America, but I’d rather have a British girlfriend I think because of the accent and personality.”
MY NOTES: Pricey is very enjoyable to be around. He and my brother are roommates at UCLA this year and have become very close friends. Because Price is from London, we have brought him to some of our family holiday events, such as Thanksgiving and Easter. At this point, all of my family and relatives know and love him like one of our own. He is very funny with a great accent and is a great guy overall. Sean and I are going to miss him lots when he returns home. 😦

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