braden curtis

“I would describe myself as adventurous and funny. I’ve been skydiving, bungee jumping, paragliding, canyoneering, zip lining, and river rafting. I like extreme adventure stuff.

Golf is fun. I’ve been playing on the San Marcos golf team for four years. Me and one of my team mates, actually recently in our business class, are making a company called BirdieTracker, which is a golf ball with a micro chip infused in its core. You can pair your iPhone to your golf ball so you can always find your ball, no matter where you hit it on the course. You’ll never lose the ball again!

Next year I’m going to Cal Poly, and going to be majoring in business administration or industrial technology. I hope to go there for four years and I’ll probably join a golf club while I’m there. I may or may not join a frat, I’m on the fence about that one right now. Possibly.

I bought my shoes like 6 months to 1 year ago, and about 2 months ago stumbled back upon them in my closet. I like them because they’re really comfortable, they slip on, they’re amazing. Efficient in the morning, because I leave for school at like 7:53 AM, so it takes like 20 seconds to get my shoes on. They’re easy to go anywhere and I can do anything in them. A great experience I had in these shoes was today, hiking with Chloe Babcock, it was great. We went to all of the flowery areas of Eling’s park, and it was really good.”


MY NOTES: Braden and I have gone to the same YMCA family summer camp for the past 2 summers, but didn’t become friends until last summer. He is a very sweet guy and also pretty humorous. I think it’s really cool that he has an interest in extreme sports/adventures such as skydiving! I’m also so proud that he got in to and is going to Cal Poly. He is super smart so it makes sense. Since I don’t have my license yet, it’s fun when Braden gives me rides in his classic red car. I’m going to miss that and him next year when he leaves, but he promises to come back and visit me sometimes, which I am already looking forward to.


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