emily westmacott

“I would describe myself as either weird and crazy half of the time, but also usually lazy and laid back. I play golf and was a gymnast my whole life which lead me to do tumbling on the SBHS stunt team. I also like to just hang out with friends and go on adventures!

I’m Guatemalan from my dad’s side of the family and have over 100 super close cousins and relatives who live there. We visit/go on trips to the caribbean every other year. I have been to Guatemala so many times and have been almost everywhere there.

I like eating at the shop because it’s usually during lunch at school and it’s the only “healthy-ish” place nearby. It’s also just really good in general. My favorite thing to order there are the lattes and grilled cheeses. My other favorite restaurants are really anywhere that isn’t super fancy and places where there are small snack foods like Backyard Bowls and Nordstrom’s cafe. I’m super picky when it comes to food, I literally don’t like any foods other than all fruits and meat and other basic foods.

An experience that has impacted my life has been gymnastics. I started when I was three years old and did it for 10 straight years. It still impacts me everyday of the present, increasing my flexibility and even ability to do flips whenever! It was and still is a big part of my life since I used to do it all day everyday.

I got these vans because basically my whole entire wardrobe is black, white, and grey, and I keep my outfits super simple. I thought throwing a black and white pattern in there would be the perfect was to make it pop and stand out.”

MY NOTES: Emily is a pretty quiet friend until you get to know her. Once you spend some time with her, you’ll realize how weird she is, but still very funny and nice. I love how easy she is to get along with and whenever I hang out with her we always have a good time. Learning more about Emily during this interview was interesting for me since I haven’t had a super in depth conversation with her in a while. I also love her shoes and have the same pair!


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