jordan duggan

“I would describe myself as pretty outgoing. I kinda talk to random people all the time, even if I’m not great friends with them. I would also say i’m honest, i often get asked for advice/help with general questions, and I always give my real opinions. Lastly, I would say I’m a little weird sometimes.

I would describe my style as bold and unique. I wear what I want, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. But I would like to think that my style is somewhat original and not like everyone else’s.

My favorite sport is waterpolo. I have been playing it since I was 10. It’s a super competitive sport and it takes up a ton of my times! Some days I really feel like I just wanna quit, but then I think about how much fun I have at practice and all of the friends I have made from it. Also, I’m hoping that one day it might help me get into a good college!

A person that has impacted me is my mom. My mom inspires me because she’s super hardworking and shows me how to balance work life, social life, home life. She’s also always there for me whenever I need it, just as a good mom should be.

I got these “Birkenstocks” at Ross. They only cost $15! They’re technically knock off, and the real ones cost like $100. My mom got them for me one day because she knew I wanted some. An example of one of the great things my mother has done for me haha. I wear them to all my waterpolo tournaments now too! I don’t care that they’re not real Birkenstocks. It’s actually better that way because then I won’t feel bad if I ever lose them!”

MY NOTES: Jordan and I became better friends just this year, after having a few classes together. We have been partners for a lot of projects and I have found out that not only is Jordan a very nice and funny friend, she is also extremely smart and creative! Her style is awesome and she always has the cutest outfits. She is very athletic and hard working to play water polo as she does! I love her story about her Birkenstocks from Ross and can relate.



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