jaden power

I would describe myself as really original. I kinda don’t care what anyone thinks, so I sometimes act like a spaz, and just be myself all the time! My style changes daily. Some days I’ll wear all black, like grunge, and other days I’ll wear pink and skirts. I just go by mood and wear whatever I want. I really like going to the beach- it’s like my happy place. I really like hanging out with people, and dogs. I like playing volleyball too.

I first moved here in third grade from Valencia, like near where Magic Mountain is, and I went to Washington Elementary School. Originally I had no friends and kinda just walked around the playground by myself, but eventually I met a pretty good group of friends. But, I became super sick in 5th and 6th grade and had to miss about half of the school year battling that, having to go through a lot of hospital trips. They still don’t know what it was. It really affected me and I lost a lot of friends. In junior high I still didn’t have many, or the right friends. Once I made it to high school, I figured out that I should just be myself. I used to care a lot about what people thought of me, but now I am completely true to myself. It’s really nice.

I got these shoes from my next door neighbor who gave them to me! She had this big bin of shoes and these were the only cute ones. I got them for free which is awesome. My first day of work, at Brandy Melville, I wore these shoes. I remember it was the very first day I had worn them- and these shoes can really hurt your feet if you’re in them for a long time! I remember thinking there was no way I could possibly do this job. I was standing in these shoes for six straight hours and thought I was going to die!

MY NOTES: Jaden’s personality is very unique and true to herself as she mentioned. I really admire her story about her coming back up from a time of illness and probably loneliness as well- especially seeing how much of a fun and positive person she is today. I was so happy to have her in one of my classes this year because she is very funny, smart (helps me with work!), and strong minded. I love her unique style and I think it only reinforces her originality. I hope to become better friends with her because she is super cool! She also gave me a discount at her job at Brandy Melville so yeah big shoutout to JP! ❤


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