hi !

my name is Chloe Babcock and I am an average 10th grade girl who is addicted to chocolate and Pretty Little Liars. I am currently a part of the Multimedia Arts and Design Academy, where I am learning the ropes of graphic design, photography, blogging and more. besides learning these new skills, my other favorite things include dancing, adventuring, Disneyland, being with friends, and getting to know new people.

the purpose of this blog is to learn more about people in my community, as well as share their unique traits and experiences that might not be clear at first glance. with this I have established a common theme of, “walking in their shoes,” comparing peoples experiences in their shoes metaphorically and literally. If you want to be interviewed or know someone who has some pretty cool shoes, comment below or contact me!

here’s a photo of one of my favorite pairs of shoes, and some crazy socks that I took from my brother.